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The major functions of the Economic Policy Division are in broad terms, economic analysis, review and development. It is the role of EPD to advise the Secretary on economic and financial issues facing the economy and the implications for the Government. The division undertakes this through the following activities:

  • Preparation of economic forecasts and projections along with associated briefings on current and prospective economic conditions and modeling of the economy.
  • Provision of advice on monetary, fiscal and labour market issues;
  • Analyses governments fiscal operations and provide advice on expenditure, revenue and financing;
  • Monitoring current and prospective international economic issues;
  • Coordination/promotion role in monitoring/disseminating overseas policy issues/matters; and
  • Monitoring and managing the execution of the National Budget

The major functions and responsibilities of the Division can be categorized in the following three Branches.

Fiscal Policy Branch

  • Public finance and expenditure planning
  • Provincial government financing
  • Revenue policy
  • Taxation (direct and indirect) policy
  • Customs monitoring
  • Budget financing
  • Cash flow management
  • Annual National Budget Formulation and Documentation

Forecasting Branch

  • Monitoring, reporting and analysis of economic developments:
  • Provision of economic forecasts, projects and analysis of the domestic and world economic outlook
  • Provision of policy advice on economic, fiscal and public expenditure management issues
  • Annual National Budget Formulation and Documentation
  • Post budget analysis
  • Budget financing
  • Management of State's relationship with international institutions
  • International Financing Institutions (IFIs) and Bilateral partners

General Economic Policy Branch

GEP is responsible for a broad range of functions not covered by the other branches with the EPD. Some of its responsibilities are:

  • Monitoring, policy development and advice on issues relating to the main aid donors
  • Monitoring, policy development and advice on issues relating to the major international economic organisations
  • Monitoring and policy advice on a range of domestic economic issues (wages and employment, trade and industry policy

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