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Budget Circulars

2007 Pre Budget Submissions
Invitations for submissions from individuals, businesses, community groups and other NGOs on their view regarding priorities for Budget 2007
Download (70KB)
Circular 4/2006
Allocation of Budget Ceilings and Preparation of 2007 National Budget Estimates
Download (294KB)
Attachment 1: 2007 National Budget (Recurrent) - Prelimiary Staff Ceilings
Download (45KB)
Attachment 2: 2007 National Budget (Recurrent) - Total Expenditure by Program
Download (44KB)
Attachment 3: 2007 National Budget (Recurrent) - Total Expenditure by Item
Download (50KB)
Attachment 4: 2007 National Budget (Recurrent) - Trust Estimates
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Circular 2/2006
2007 National Budget Timetable (Includes Timetable for 2006 Quaterly Review Process)
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Circular 2/2006 Attachment
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Circular 1/2006
2006 Provincial and Local Level Government Grants and Transfers
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2006 Provincial & LLG Grants
Process for Determing NEFC Estimates
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Circular 7/2005
2006 Cash Flow Forecasts and 2006 Provincial Budgets
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Budget Speeches

The Supplementary Budget Speech
Presented on the 1st August, 2006
"Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Update - Repairing the Neglect of the Past" by the Minister for Treasury, The Rt. Hon. Sir Rabbie L. Namaliu, CSM KCMG MP.
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The Budget Speech
Presented on the 15th November, 2005
"Improving People's Lives Through Strong Economic Leadership" by the Minister for Finance and Treasury, The Hon. Bart Philemon, MP.
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The National Budget

VOLUME I: Economic and Development Policies Download (598KB)
Part 1: Recurrent Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure of National Departments
Part 2: Recurrent Expenditure of Statutory Authorities, Debt Services & Trust Accounts
Part 3: Development Expenditure of National Depts., Statutory Authorities & Provincial Goverments
VOLUME III: Public Investment Programme (2006-2010)

Booklets on the National Budget

The following 2006 Budget Booklets processes are explained in:
(a) English Download (98KB)
(b) Pidgin Download (119KB)
(c) Motu Download (70KB)


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